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Cruises in Miami

Millionaire's Row Cruise
Millionaire's Row Cruise
(1 1/2 hr)

The most popular cruise in Miami is the Millionaire's Row Cruise®. This cruise includes Millionaire's Row - the homes of the rich and famous.

Bayside Blaster in Miami, Fl
Bayside Blaster (1 1/2 hr)

The Bayside Blaster takes you through the Millionaire's Row and the only difference between the our sightseeing cruise is the boat.

Fishing Cruises Miami
Fishing Cruises (3 hrs)

Our open to the public fishing cruises allows the anglers to get out on the ocean and attempt to haul in the biggest game fish you can catch without breaking the bank. This affordable fishing cruise is perfectly priced for the price conscience.

Dance Cruises Miami
Dance Cruises ( 1 1/2 hrs)

Get out on a Miami Dance cruise and pre-party before heading out to the clubs in Miami Beach. Our dance cruises are perfect for the pre-party and the younger visitors while visiting Miami.

Speedboat Rides Miami
Speedboat Rides (45 mins)

Feel the need for speed and get about a cigarette boat and head toward the ocean. This public cruise is the closest thing to renting a high-speed boat and reenact the best place in Miami.

Miami River Cruises
Miami River Cruises (3hrs)

Get to see one of the least traveled areas in Miami, the Miami River. The our industrial river has lead to many stories and interesting tales about Rum Runners, industry and other changes that makes this cruise one of the best tours to do.

Stiltsville Cruises Miami
Stiltsville Cruises (3 hrs)

One of the most historic places off of Miami and Key Biscayne is a cluster of homes called Stiltsville. The 7 homes are the last remaining homes from the 1930s that have lead to many interesting stories and tales.

Sunset Cruises Miami
Sunset Cruises (2 hrs)

Make it a romantic evening for two aboard the Heritage of Miami II for a beautiful sunset cruise. This highly requested sunset cruise includes 2-hour cruising, light bites, 1 bottle of champagne while lounge music feels the air.

Water Taxi Miami
Water Taxi Miami (90 mins)

Looking to commute or tansport between Miami and Miami Beach? Then choose to take the Water Taxi Miami and enjoy the scenic views while getting from one place to the other. This is the most relaxing way to use transportation in Miami.